Own your memories.

Automatic back up of your mobile photo and videos to your Home.

Search & access photos from anywhere.

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Don't choose between Privacy and Convenience - have both!

Photos are backed up immediately, as soon as you take them

Access photos & videos from anywhere in the world

Search photos by people, pets, places, dates, etc

Photos & videos live where you do - at home

Works for iPhone, Android, cameras, you name it!

No monthly fees. Ever.

Frequently asked Questions

Is Capsule a hardware or software product?
It's a bit of both!

Our dedicated photo & video hardware lives in your home, responsible for working with the software on your devices. This combination of hardware & software allows us to offer you the privacy of hard drive, and the convenience of Cloud.

Here are some pictures of the Capsule hardware - designed to match your home decor :D
Why did you create Capsule?
A number of us on the team have experienced the irrecoverable loss of personal photos & videos. Finding no other products on the market that is easy of use, simple to setup, and with a keen focus on privacy, we decided to build one for ourselves, our family & friends.

After developing & testing Capsule in our own homes, and becoming absolutely enamored with reliving our favourite moments using it, we want to bring the gift to you.
Team Capsule at your service...
What's the difference between Capsule & Cloud (e.g. Google Photos)?
For one thing we don't think your photos should belong to Google or Apple.

Our mission is protect your memories. Always. We don't believe in making money from your personal information or precious memories. None of this ad-driven stuff. So your photos & videos will always belong to you. Period.

Our guiding principle is to act with your best interest in mind. 

Now Imagine being able to access every single photo / video you've ever taken, from anywhere in the world. With every new new memory automatically archived to the safety & comfort of your home.

Here are the key differences between Capsule vs. Google Photos:
* totally private, home based storage
* back up photos as soon as you take them - no need to wait till you get on WiFi (though that option exists too)
* no limit on storage
* No monthly cost
* archive photos & videos in original resolution
How much storage does Capsule have?
Capsule deliberately doesn't come with any storage. So it works with any and all existing hard drives you have. Two reasons why we did this:
* you won't run out of space and be forced to buy a new Capsule every 2~3 years
* by keeping the cost of Capsule affordable, we make it possble for everyone to keep their photos safe & close by
Don't see your question here? See our complete FAQ!

Never lose another photo again!

Capsule is currently in development, and will be crowdfunding soon.
Together, with your help, we can preserve those precious moments forever.
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