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Is Capsule a physical or digital product?
How is Capsule different from Google Photos?
How much storage does Capsule come with?
What made you guys create Capsule?
Where does Capsule store my photos / videos?
What happens when I run out of storage space?
How does Capsule streaming work?
Is Capsule secure?
How does the Capsule permission / security scheme work?
How much will Capsule cost?
What does the cost of Capsule go towards?
Other questions? Contact support@heycapsule.com

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Unlimited photo backup to your Home with No Monthly Fees

Capsule automatically archive photos to your home as soon as you take them.
Access and search your photos while on the go!

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Never lose another photo again

Capsule takes less than 5 minutes to set up in your home. It backs up photos & videos from your phone as soon as you take them. And it allows you to access & search your photos from anywhere.

Icon of photo security

In your Home

You know exactly where your photos are. Because they are backed up to your home, and within each reach

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Effortless Sharing

Effortlessly share the photos & videos captured by everyone in your household.

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Backup with Certainty

You'll know precisely what has and hasn't been backed up - no more guesswork

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Reuse old hard drives

Your hard drive filled with photos gathering dust at home?
Capsule can stream those photos to your mobile anywhere in the world!

How Capsule Works - 1 min video

" I use an iPhone, my husband uses an Android. Capsule automatically backs up photos taken from both phones. It's saved us so much time!"

Janet, Capsule Beta User

Live in a world where
your memories are
perfectly preserved,
and always at your

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Wondering how secure Capsule is?
Or how Capsule differs from Google Photos™?
Check out our FAQ

All your photos & videos in one place

Storage and streaming for the whole family

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Key Features

No monthly fees. Ever

You pay once for the Capsule hardware. And back up to your heart's content. We don't charge you more just because you need more space

Zero Setup

Plug in the Capsule hardware & download mobile app. And, you're done - yes, it's that easy...

Back up in real time

Photos & videos automatically backed up as soon as you capture them on your mobile. Or choose to backup on WiFi if you're data conscious

Accessible anywhere

View  photos & videos from half way around the world. Securely. Photos are sent from Capsule hardware directly to your devices

Smart Photo management

Faces, backgrounds, locations, etc, automatically recognised and easy to search on e.g. find all photos with: "Carmen playground 2017"

Works for everything

Android, iPhone, Tablets, Computers, Cameras, GoPro, the list goes on

Blazing fast

When Capsule backs up on WiFi, it is 5~10 times faster than Cloud. Enjoy being the first to finish backing up, compared to your friends in the Cloud

All in one place

Bring together the wonderful moments captured by everyone in your households

Our Mission

We love spending time with our families, and capturing those moments in still or moving pictures.

While companies like Google, Apple and Dropbox are doing fantastic things in the Cloud to make your data always accessible. When it comes to your personal photos, we believe everyone has the right to choose where and how it should be archived.

Cloud should be a choice, but not the only choice.

Our mission at Capsule is to ensure your fondest memories are always safe and accessible.
We promise to put your interests first, as we strive to create beautiful and secure products that "just works".

We built Capsule for our family & friends, and for you.
So join us, and make photos fun again.

Protect what matters to you

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Protecting your memories. Always.

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