All your photos backed up & accessible anywhere
No more loading photos. No more backing up.
Time to put your feet up...
1TB storage
US$349 US$429
2TB storage
US$399 US$439
Free shipping worldwide!
1TB storage
US$349 US$429
2TB storage
US$399 US$499
Free shipping worldwide!

One place for all your photos

Automatic backup

Your photos & videos backup instantly from mobile, SD cards, GoPro, or Hard drive, onto the Frame's generous 2TB storage

Serendipitous discovery

Frame smartly & automatically surface slideshows based on Events in your life.
Much more than a digital frame

Mobile photos backed up as soon as you take them

anywhere there's internet

Available on:
Access photos and videos from Everywhere
Handy apps on all your smart devices
Say goodbye to lost memories

Trust Capsule to preserves your memories safely!

1TB onboard storage
US$349  US$429
2TB onboard storage
US$399  US$499
Free shipping worldwide!
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Due to overwhelming demand, we are temporary sold out of Capsule Frames.
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"Capsule has been great for instant backups for all our phones. Access to all photos and videos from all devices in one app!"
Paul West - Photographer, father of 2, Capsule User

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